Local Directions, etc.

Local Directions, etc.


Computing Science, HPC2N - High Performance Computing Center North, UMIT Reseach Lab, and Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics are all located in the MIT building at Umeå University.

Visiting address:

Umeå University
Campustorget 5, 4th floor
S-907 36 Umeå

Maps of the campus can be found below (click the maps to enlarge them).

HPC2N environment

HPC2N environment

The contents of your home directory are placed on an AFS name space and is backed up regularly. AFS (Andrew File System) is a distributed networked file system, which was developed for security and scalability. Read more about AFS here.

Most differences between AFS and traditional networked file systems (like NFS) are transparant for the user, but some important differences are:

History of HPC2N


Before HPC2N existed, three of the current partners (Umeå University, Luleå University, and The Swedish Institute for Space Physics - IRF) collaborated under Supercomputer Center North (SDCN), providing cost-effective, nation-wide service for scientific and technical computing since 1989. Aside from this, they also ran a program for competence and knowledge devlopment in high-performance computing.

With the founding of HPC2N in 1996, two other partners were added - Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and Mid-Sweden University.

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