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Apply for HPC resources of a new project

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If you wish to apply for a project which will have resources allocated at HPC2N, the Principal Investigator (PI) has to apply for one according to the rules described on SNIC allocations web page. There are three different kinds of projects you can apply for: small, medium, and large. You apply for all of them on the SNIC SUPR page, under rounds. To do so you need an account there.

When you start a project application, the progress will be saved as 'In Preparation' on your SUPR page, and you can continue working on it later. Just remember to save the changes you make to each of the sections!

You will need to fill in more information for the larger projects, than the smaller ones. However, there is some information you will need regardless of the type of project: Title, Abstract, Resource Usage (how do you plan to use the requested resources), Classification (VR classification codes - only in Swedish), length of project (1-12 months), which resource(s) you wish to use, and the amount of core hours/month you need.

Much of the information on the application will be filled in, but you should check that your contact information and such is correct.

Note, to apply for a project, you need to be the PI.

Small level requests:

Medium level requests:

Before filling out the form to apply for a medium level project, you should read the instructions.

Large level requests:

  • Applications for more time than the maximum available for a medium project on the intended resource (available resources here).
  • Minor applications for supplementary resources can be included
  • Calls for applications for large level projects are issued by SNAC twice a year. There are instructions here and an applications form here
  • Applications are evaluated by SNAC and they also decide on the allocations, based on scientific merit, need for the resources, efficient use of the resources, and impact
  • Note that if a large level application is granted time, the PIs existing medium and small level projects will be terminated.

Before filling out the form to apply for a large level project, you should read the instructions

You can read the slides here from the seminar by Philipp Schlatter: "SNIC and SNAC: Handling of large-scale computer time allocations in Sweden.". 

Make sure you have the following information handy before filling in the form:

  1. your name and affiliation,
  2. which project you are taking part in.

Please, also read the

Rules for using HPC2N resources and services

before you start applying for an account. Take a look at an overview the available resources at HPC2N.

About user accounts and projects.


  • Each user should have one, and only one user account with HPC2N.
  • Each user account may be added to as many projects as the user is participating in.
  • A user should not have multiple user accounts for different projects. 
  • After the project has been approved and assigned a project ID, existing user accounts can be added to the project.
  • If you do not yet have a user account, you may apply for a new one as described on the User Account page.
  • Having a user account is now dependent on being a member or PI of a project.
  • Projects CANNOT be extended any longer, but a new project application can be created based on the old project.

Adding users to existing projects

All user administration for all types of projects are handled by the PI (or the appointed proxy-PI) in SUPR. The users must first have an account in SUPR and have signed the SNIC User agreement. Signing it can be done on the "Personal Information" page in SUPR.


Please look under project info for details on how to obtain project information about current and past projects at HPC2N.

Expiring projects

If you have jobs still in the queue when your project expires, the priority of those jobs are lowered drastically. However, your job will not be removed, and you can change the project account for the job with this command

scontrol update job=<jobid> account=<newproject>


If you have any questions about how to apply for a project, add users, etc., mail them to:

Find information about SNAC on SNIC's page. They are responsible for allocating the resources in Sweden.

Updated: 2020-03-27, 10:25